February 4, 2023
Uninstall Software on Windows 11 Using Winget Commands

On Windows 11, you don’t have one method, but many Uninstall installed programs. You can remove an installed application from its installation folder, Start menu, or Control Panel. Even if the default uninstall option fails to remove the software, you can use a third-party software uninstaller.

Alternatively, you can use Windows Package Manager (Winget) Uninstall UWP and classic desktop apps from your Windows 11 computer. In case you didn’t know, Winget or Windows Package Manager is a command line tool that allows users to discover, install, upgrade, remove or configure applications on Windows.

Winget is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, and it’s a great command-line tool you should use.Earlier, we shared a detailed guide Install multiple programs on Windows 11 Use wings.

Uninstall Apps on Windows 11 Using Winget Commands

Today, we will discuss uninstalling UWP or classic desktop apps on Windows 11 via the Winget command tool. The steps will be very simple; just follow the directions.Here is how to use winget command tool to uninstall applications.

1. Click on Windows Search and enter command prompt. Right-click the command prompt and select run as administrator.

command prompt

2. Next, execute the command’list‘ at the command prompt and press the Enter button.


3. Now you will see List of all applications Install on your Windows computer.

List of all applications

4. To uninstall the app, you need to pay attention Application Name shown on the left.

5. Next, execute the command winget uninstall "APP-NAME"

winget uninstall

important: Replace APP-NAME with the name of the application you want to uninstall. Example: winget uninstall “RoundedTB”

6. If Winget does not recognize the app, you must uninstall it using its App ID. The app ID is displayed next to the app name.

7. To uninstall the application with the application ID, execute the following command:

winget uninstall --id "APP-ID"

Uninstall the app with the app ID

important: Replace APP-ID with the App ID of the application you want to uninstall. eg winget uninstall –id “7zip.7zip”

8. If you want to delete a specific version of the app, Note down the version number application usage list Order.

9. When finished, execute the command:

 winget uninstall "APP-NAME" --version x.xx.x

winget uninstall

important: Replace APP-NAME with the name of the application you want to uninstall. and replace the x.xx.x at the end with the version number. For example, ‘winget uninstall “7-Zip 21.07 (x64)” – version 21.07’

That’s it! Here’s how you can uninstall apps in Windows 11 using the Winget command. If you don’t want to use the winget command, there are other ways to uninstall apps on Windows 11.

So, this guide is all about how to uninstall apps in Windows 11 using winget command. If winget fails to uninstall the application, you need to try the software uninstaller for Windows. If you need more help uninstalling apps in Windows 11, let us know in the comments below.

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